MDP Programme Details

Programme Modules and Duration:
Duration: This is a 3-day programme, preferably scheduled in January/March 2020 (tentatively).
Module I: Competency- and Value-based Education

  • Basic foundations
  • Case examples
  • Teaching-learning methods

Module II: Academic Leadership and Stakeholder Management

  • Leading and managing stakeholders
  • Strategic and Responsible Leadership Models
  • Managing performance dynamics in educational institutions—individuals and teams
  • Case Study

Module III: Digitalization in Education

  • Introduction to digital disruptions and its impact on the education system

Module IV: Compulsory Group Project based on Design Thinking

Pedagogy: Classroom Discussions, Problem Solving, Case Studies/ Scenario Analysis, and Small Projects.

Prerequisites of the Programme: Details of the nominated participants (name, email, phone number, age, gender, educational background, job responsibilities) at least 7-days in advance. Participants are required to come prepared in case of any off-the-class tasks are given.