Executive PhD Curriculum

Executive PhD is a part time programme. The student will be expected to complete the programme in four years, including a maximum of two years of course work. Under special circumstances, extension may be granted to the student. In any case, the entire program should be finished within six years.

The Executive PhD Programme is composed of two phases:

A.    Course Work

The coursework consists of the following components:
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme - level courses; General Core Courses; Domain-Specific Courses; Course of Independent Study (CIS)

Considering the schedule of working executives, the program is being planned in a way to maximize the use of digital platforms and minimize the visit frequency. The coursework will be majorly conducted online and will require limited visit (3-4 weeks in a year) to IIM Sambalpur campus.
The academic requirements for the successful completion of this component are the same as the MBA Programme. Comprehensive Examination will be conducted at the end of the second year to test whether the student has obtained a satisfactory level of comprehension and application of the concepts learned in his/her field of specialization. The Comprehensive Examination will comprise of both written and viva examination.

B.    Thesis Work

The thesis is the document that forms a major component for fulfilling the criteria for the award of PhD. The thesis work broadly consists of the following stages:
i.    Thesis Work Registration Process
ii.    Constitution and Approval of the Thesis Committee
iii.    Defense of Thesis Proposal
iv.    Thesis Submission and Examination
v.    Pre-thesis Submission Defense