Sangita Choudhary

Sangita Choudhary
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Sangita Choudhary holds a PhD in Finance. She is a Science graduate and has completed her MBA from University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France. She teaches courses in Finance, for doctoral and post graduate programs at IIM Sambalpur. Before joining IIM Sambalpur she was working as a full-time faculty in the finance area at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. She is an active researcher and has several publications in nationally and internationally reputed journals. Her research interests are in the areas of Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance, Investments and Portfolio Management, Earnings Management, Causality and Volatility in Financial Markets and Sustainable Business Operations. She is also a reviewer of research papers in several reputed journals published by Elsevier, SAGE, Emerald, Springer.

  • Seminar Course in Corporate Finance (Doctoral Course, IIM Sambalpur)
  • Financial Management–II (IIM Sambalpur)



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