Placement Season marks the final stage of two year journey of the PGP participants at IIM Sambalpur. It produces an unforeseen moment of joy among the students. The season is marked by the finale where the participants gear up to showcase their mettle and grab the attractive job offers from companies visiting the campus.

It is a meridian of the efforts of all the participants, along with Placement Committee who make this task possible. All the participants commit themselves to make this a success, be it the preparation of the placement brochure to the summer placements and the final recruitments, their efforts are always directed towards providing the best interface suited to the representatives of an institute of high repute.

Testimonials- Faculty

rohit_kapoorHaving been the associated with IIM Sambalpur since its inception, I have observed the students and the college evolve wonderfully over time. The unique mix of diversity and capability present here is an invaluable resource, not just for students, but also for the faculty. The students here have developed exceptional abilities which enable them to distinguish themselves in the industry. This enhances the level of discussion in the class room and the case discussions. I believe they possess right mix of attitude and skills to excel.

Prof. Rohit Kapoor Operations Management & QT, IIM Indore

ranjeet_nambudiriI have engaged two courses for PGP at IIM Sambalpur. The first was a core course in Human Resource Management and then a second year elective in Organizational Development and Change. In both courses, I found the PGP participants at IIM Sambalpur to be keen learners who were very focused. The level of preparation for class was quite high and this subsequently had a positive effect on participation in the class. In general participants exhibited sound analytical skills and I thoroughly enjoyed the case discussions in the class. I wish all PGP participants of IIM Sambalpur the very best in their professional endeavours.

Prof. Ranjeet Nambudiri OB & HRM, IIM Indore

prashant_salwanI have been associated with IIM Sambalpur for the past 1 year and taught the students Strategic Management and Business Model in Term 2 and Term 4 respectively. PGP Batch at IIM-SBP brings to the classroom the latest management thinking and a lot of practicality. The graduates are not only well prepared for the class but also provide keen insights from their past experiences. I believe they are well prepared to bring best Industry practices to enhance the performance of any organization. I wish them a great future ahead.

Prof. Prashant Salwan Chair Executive PGP, IIM Indore
Strategy and International Business, IIM Indore

ashish_sadhBrand Management is a task that shivers the core of the Marketing Department of any Organization. It not only requires in-depth understanding of hard-core marketing concepts but also needs a lot of out of the box thinking. The PGP students at IIM Sambalpur grasped every element of the course with utmost ease and assimilated the same to bring out the most wonderful solutions to the cases we discussed. Their sincerity and hard work is surely praiseworthy. I feel they will bring laurels to any organization they join.

Prof. Ashish Sadh
Marketing area, IIM Indore