Student Speaks

Preethi Ignatius, PGP, 2016-18 Batch

Preethi Ignatius is a PGP-II Participant and the Secretary of the Placement Committee at IIM Sambalpur. Confident, composed and sporting a gracious smile, Preethi speaks of her pre-PGP and internship experiences and how she has continuously striven to innovate and contribute to the peak of her abilities at work and in college. She firmly believes that the time she has spent at IIM Sambalpur has made her more positive, focused and able to achieve her high-flying objectives.

Hari Ram Vignesh, PGP, 2017-19 Batch

Hari Ram Vignesh is a PGP-I Participant and a Student Coordinator of the Placement Committee at IIM Sambalpur. His insatiable desire to explore the business world, fired continuously with boundless ambition, has led him to seek management education at IIM Sambalpur. An effective communicator and a keen reader, Hari speaks about his relentless pursuit of the yet unexplored wonders of business management. He is confident that IIM Sambalpur through its excellent mix of classroom, peer-to-peer and experiential learning has the power to jump-start his management career.

Deepak Prabhakar, PGP, 2016-18 Batch

Deepak Prabhakar is the Batch Representative of the 2016-18 PGP batch at IIM Sambalpur. Here, he speaks about his experiences prior to joining the IIM and how the two years of transformative learning through industrially-oriented andragogy of IIM Sambalpur has given him the platform to catapult himself into the sky of glorious opportunities.