Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar
Assistant Professor
Contact No
+91 9031050901

Dr. Rahul Kumar is an Assistant Professor in the area of Information Systems at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sambalpur. Prior to this, he was at the Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB) in the Decision Science area. There, he was Joint Coordinator for the Executive MBA program in Business Analytics. He holds his doctorate (FPM) from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi. Post PhD, he had a brief stint at Industry as an Analytics Consultant at Infosys Consulting. By background he is an engineer from BIT Mesra, Ranchi. Prior to joining IIM Ranchi as a doctoral scholar, he was working as a Manager at Jusco Pvt Ltd., A TATA STEEL Subsidiary.

Taught Courses:

Business Statistics
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Business Analytics using R
Big Data Analytics 

Planned Courses:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning in Business  

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  • Prof. Rahul Kumar is a strategic advisor to various Technology and Analytics based companies. He is on the advisory board of Parabolic Systems and  ByteIQ Analytics . He is also a faculty resource for Management and Executive Development Programs such as CBSE training and IOCL Leadership programs.