MOU between IIM Sambalpur and India SME Forum


MOU between IIM Sambalpur and India SME Forum signed today, 9th June 2020 for Leadership and Intrapreneurship Fellowship for Enterprises Project by DG Ms. Sushma Morthania and Ms. Merlin Nandy in the presence of the entire board of India SME Forum. 


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MoU Signed by IIM Sambalpur with Ministry of MSME, Vedanta Limited, and ICSI, Delhi


For collaborative work, IIM Sambalpur has signed three Memorandum of Understandings and partnered with the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Vedanta Ltd., and The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), Delhi. Under the scope of MoU, the collaboration has been made in a number of areas which include award to the toppers of MBA Programme, offering live projects to the students, setting up incubation centre, collaborative research work, consulting work, organizing joint seminar and conference, etc. These initiatives will certainly enrich IIM Sambalpur to achieve its vision.


IIM Sambalpur Business Incubation Centre

IIM Sambalpur hosted a national conclave on the topic “Innovation Based Entrepreneurship in MSME – Service Sector “, on the 29th of Feb, 2020. The business incubation centre of IIM Sambalpur was also inaugurated on the same day, as part of the MoU which the institute signed with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The incubation centre is set-up with the objective of promoting entrepreneurship and start-ups in & around Odisha.

The proposed centre will incubate small entrepreneurs from rural and semi-urban areas, e.g weavers, artisans, and give ideas to them on use of digital technology to boost their start-ups and business. The centre will mentor them to make their business models a success. The following will be the activities of the Business Incubator (BI):

·       Nucleation of new innovative ideas by creating the environment and opportunities for the know-how providers, entrepreneurs and financiers to meet each other and form business teams;

·       Nurturing businesses in their start-up phase by offering not only space but also access to technology support, business mentoring, networks, scientific and information resources, and a generally conducive and supportive environment, and

·       Promoting and running an active programme for identification, creation, acceleration, and translation (into practice) of innovative ideas suitable for new venture creation.

The BI will be run by dedicated staff that would include faculty, staff, and students of the Institute or experts from outside the institute. 



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