Student Clubs

Bears n Bulls – Finance Club

Bears n Bulls - The Finance Club of IIM Sambalpur acts as a platform to bring together participants who share an interest in the area of finance and economics. The club aims to disseminate knowledge through peer-to-peer learning and to bridge the gap between practical understanding and theoretical concepts. The club conducts workshops on different areas of finance so that, every finance enthusiast can learn something more, apart from what is taught in the classroom. Adding more to the opportunities, the club organizes fortnightly sessions on “Financial and Business Trends”, a bimonthly magazine named “Finsights” where the member and other finance enthusiasts share their thoughts and opinions about the current financial and economic issues and various competitions including its flagship “Equinotch” which is a Stock Valuation Challenge to make students acclimatize themselves with the nuances of stock markets and valuation.

‘Bears n Bulls’ wishes to develop a corporate-academia environment by conducting various guest lectures by industry experts. Bears n Bulls has its official Facebook and LinkedIn page where the club tries to engage its followers by sharing interesting posts, articles, facts, and news daily which enhances the participant’s skills to self-assess their financial awareness and assist them in inculcating a deeper understanding of Finance.


Name Designation Contact Number
Vivek Kumar Sharma President  
Debashrita Kundu Vice President  
Navaratan Rathi Senior Coordinator  
Sakshi Tandon Senior Coordinator  
Divyansh Sharma Senior Coordinator  

Consiglio - Consulting Club

Entrepreneurship Cell

Emporia – Marketing club

Emporia, the Marketing Club of IIM Sambalpur, aims at inculcating passion and interest among the students in the field of sales and Marketing, which is an integral part of Management education. The club offers a perfect blend of theoretical sessions, simulations, and case studies to encourage the students who aim to pursue their careers in the domain of marketing. Through workshops conducted by industry experts and multiple on-campus activities, Emporia facilitates an overall development for budding marketers to succeed in the dynamic business realm.

The highlights of the multiple initiatives taken by Emporia include quizzes, case competitions, guest lectures, and some fun events. The events are meticulously crafted to activate creativity, backed by logic and reasoning.

Emporia's new venture, Markdarshan, is an opportunity for students to interact with corporate leaders and get enlightened by their words of wisdom and success stories.

Besides discussion with experts, several marketing events like Brandbaazi and Pronigma attract students from all over the country. The contests are not just about sketching strategies but are also full-filled.

M-Vision, the marketing conclave of Emporia, is another opportunity for marketing enthusiasts to draw insights into current trends.

The marketing fest, Ballyhoo street, is overloaded with amusement and creative activities.

Sharing peer-peer experience is crucial in learning management and business tactics. Markernship diary is a facility where students share their Summer Internship experiences across domains. This initiative throws light on the effort and achievements of the student fraternity of IIM Sambalpur.


Name Designation Contact Number
Karanam Sai Spandana President 73863 40470
Neeraj Sharma Vice President 88267 52605
Somya Dubey Treasurer 76075 41032
Abhishek Yadav Senior Co-ordinator 97390 59742
Gyanendra Sethi Senior Co-ordinator 94374 47386
Gomathi S R Senior Co-ordinator 95434 82914
B S Smruthi Shreeya Senior Co-ordinator 73491 81009

HRidaya – HR club

Illuminati  club

R² (R-squared), IT and Analytics Club

Sigmato – Operations Club


Magnum Opus – Art club

Pixel- Design and photography Club

Sankalp- The Social Club